What We Do

Our Right to Know is a collective of concerned citizens who are committed to public science that serves the public good.

Our mandate is to advocate for the free conduct, communication, publication and archiving of research.

First established in 2013, we were jolted into action by the systematic assault on public science under the government at the time.

We opposed the muzzling of scientists and the dismantling of public science through eventsdebates, media, collected resources, a march and our blog.

We convened a national Right2Know Network of allied organizations  with mandates affirming or relying on the value of science conducted in the public interest or used to assist processes and functions of governments.

We kept a comprehensive record of instances of the muzzling of scientists, de-funding and closure of research institutions, and more.

We continue to keep a record of what the current government is doing and have added information on what is happening internationally.

The current government has expressed its commitment to build up public science. Our focus now is not only on monitoring whether and how they live up to their commitments, but on envisioning what a public science that is truly for the public good would look like. We are starting with a series of blogs. The blogs identify problems and suggest solutions. We will use them as building blocks for creating a vision of public science for the public good.

We also use other means – for instance, we started an e-petition to ask the government to establish the Chief Science Officer position through an act of law, to ensure its continuity and independence. We will use whatever are the most appropriate and effective means to move towards public science for the public good. Join ORK to be informed of our actions and to participate.


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