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My Experience As A Citizen Scientist

by Geraldine Lindley March 23, 2016 The citizen science model (also known as participatory science) provides ordinary people with volunteer opportunities to support scientific research. Thus, more research can be carried out contributing to an increase in scientific knowledge. Sources of funding for citizen science projects vary, and may include government, NGOs, business, and private

Public Science for the Public Good

by Margrit Eichler March 15, 2016 Today, we are starting a new initiative: imagining what public science for the public good might look like. When Our Right to Know incorporated as an advocacy group in July of 2013 (under the name of Scientists for the Right to Know), we had one goal: make public science

NDP tables Motion 36 on Scientific Integrity

NDP tabled Motion 36 on Scientific Integrity which requires all federal departments and agencies to implement pro-science communication policies.  View the motion. Kennedy Stewart, the NDP Critic for Science said: “The new Minister for Science should get to work drafting ethics legislation that unequivocally ensures the open communication of scientific research throughout government.  In order

NDP tables Parliamentary Science Officer Act

The NDP tabled the Parliamentary Science Officer Act which aims to create an independent science watchdog for Parliament.  View the act here. “After years of muzzling, mismanagement, and misuse of research by the Conservatives, our scientists need lasting protections in order to finally turn the page on the lost Harper decade,” said Stewart. “Canada needs

NDP obtains StatsCan cuts data

The NDP obtained data of all cuts in Statistics Canada including 50 surveys and 191 publications. View the list of Statistics Canada products that were cancelled. “The new Minister must conduct a thorough review of what essential data we’ve lost and what surveys and publications should be reinstated,” said MP Stewart (Burnaby South). “The Conservatives’

Charities to be free from political harassment

The Mandate for the Minister of National Revenue includes allowing charities to do their work free from political harassment.  View the mandate. “Allow charities to do their work on behalf of Canadians free from political harassment, and modernize the rules governing the charitable and not-for-profit sectors, working with the Minister of Finance.  This will include

NDP Responses to ORK Questions

Erasing History

by Phyllis Creighton A talk given at Beaches Public Library in Toronto, Sept. 2015. I speak to you tonight as a citizen, but also as a historian involved in shaping our collective story and our knowledge of it for many years. In my career at the Dictionary of Canadian biography/Dictionnaire biographique du Canada I have

What’s in a Name?

by Dr. Margrit Eichler June 15, 2015 As many of you will know, Our Right to Know (until recently, Scientists for the Right to Know) began over two years ago when a number of us realized that the Canadian federal government was waging a systematic assault on science as the basis of relevant information for policy making.