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The vanishing act of government documents – and what to do about it

by Sam-chin Li  As Phyllis Creighton[i] and Anne Kingston have lamented,[ii] an enormous amount of information has disappeared from Canadian government websites. Access to government information is a basic requirement for a democratic society. This information is not only essential for researchers, historians and scientists to do their work, it is also critical to many

Write2Know Week

The 2nd Write2Know Week will be on September 28 – October 2, 2015 Write2Know believes that people have a right to know about the health of their bodies, communities and environments. The Write2Know Project is a letter-writing campaign that gives you the opportunity to ask federal scientists and Ministers about the results of the Canadian government’s environmental monitoring

Science Pledge

Evidence for Democracy has launched a Science Pledge

True North Smart and Free

Visit Evidence for Democracy’s microsite, True, North, Smart, and Free

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Get Science Right

 Learn more about the Canadian Association of University Teacher’s  Get Science Right campaign.

Forecasting Change

Read the essay “Forecasting Change: Restoring Canada’s Right to Know” by Chloe Shantz-Hilkes of Our Right to Know published on The Harper Decade.

Flying Blind

Margrit Eichler of Our Right to Know writes the essay, “Flying Blind,” for The Harper Decade.

Hear why we need the long form census

Listen to the voices of organizations and experts whose work is effected by the loss of the long form census.

Science is not for the Dogs

Share our Unmuzzle Science Youtube Campaign Help get the word out that our current federal policy is harming our right to know about our communities and environmental.

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