Erasing History

by Phyllis Creighton A talk given at Beaches Public Library in Toronto, Sept. 2015. I speak to you tonight as a citizen, but also as a historian involved in shaping our collectiv

Towards a two-tiered knowledge society

by Peter Harries-Jones August 27, 2015. Did you know that the present Federal Government has reduced access to the Internet and access to libraries for a l

What’s in a Name?

by Dr. Margrit Eichler
June 15, 2015
As many of you will know, Our Right to Know (until recently, Scientists

In Defence of Blue Sky Science

By Carla Hustak I recently interviewed environmental scientist and Ryerson University professor, Michael Arts

Somebody Should Say Something

By Franke James Does it make you angry when you hear that the Canadian government is

Questions That Need Asking

by Michael Riordin My original impulse to write Bold Scientists sprang f

Controlling Knowledge; Corralling Dissent

By: Len Findlay Like most people reading this, I wear a number of hats. Here are three: I have taught at the

Inquiry as Protest

By Max Liboiron
April 13, 2015
Inquiry as Protest: Censored Federal Science and the Write2Know Project

An Uncertain Future

By David Suzuki
April 3, 2015
My parents were born and raised in Canada (Dad 1909, Mom 1911) yet like all people of colour, they couldn’t v

A Love letter to Canada

By Margrit Eichler

March 26, 2015
When I came to Canada in December of 1970, I thought that I had finally found the country of my dream