Right2Know Network

The Right2Know Network


The Right2Know Network consists of about 30 organizations. Some are small, some are big; some have charitable status, some are registered advocacy groups; some are well-established organizations, some are informal associations. Every organization has its own membership, goals and mandate, but all share a deep concern about what has been happening to public science and public knowledge in the past decade.


The Right2Know Network links organizations with mandates affirming or relying on the value of science conducted in the public interest or used to assist processes and functions of governments. Some of these organizations focus on the environment or health of individuals, or on equity and the health of our society. Others focus on democracy through access to information and the press, emphasizing evidence-based policy. All recognize and support the importance of primary and secondary research in both physical and social sciences, including statistical information, as well as of archives and libraries.


Initiated and organized by Our Right to Know, the network holds bi-monthly meetings fostering exchange of information and ideas, and has a shared listserv and a calendar (www.ourrighttoknow.ca/events) that provides information about relevant projects and campaigns by member organizations as well as others.


The network offers opportunities for mutual support.