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Liberal Responses to ORK Questions

We have a new government and there is hope that public science will once again be supported, and perhaps even flourish. During the election campaign, the Liberal Party of Canada responded to our seven questions with the following answers:



It is part of our task now is to make sure that Canada’s new government will actually do these things. We need to remind the government of their promises.

NDP Responses to ORK Questions

Campaign to reform Access to Information

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression have started a campaign to reform our Access to Information:

ATI BANNER website_590

A strong access to information system is vital to maintaining a healthy democracy. The public has the right to obtain the information it needs to participate meaningfully in the democratic process, while also holding Canada’s public officials and Members of Parliaments accountable. The current system is failing Canadians.

Our country deserves an open and accountable government. CJFE is calling on the Canadian government to make access to information reform an election issue this fall.

How you can help
What we’re asking
Why it matters

Federal investigation on muzzling of scientists stalled


After starting a investigation into the muzzling of government scientists 2 1/2 years ago, Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault still has not filed a report.Legault When Prof. Duck requested an update on the status of the investigation, he was told: “The investigation is ongoing.” … “We cannot comment further given the strict confidentiality rules governing our investigations.” The commission does not “speculate on a completion date for any of our investigations,” it said.




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