Federal election questions

We have sent the following questions to all parties and will post responses as we get them.

  1. There is scientific consensus that we are now facing a climate emergency.
    Given this,
    1. What is
      your detailed climate action plan, what are your targets, and how
      will you achieve them?
    2. What are
      your plans to mitigate the damages caused by climate change?
  2. Government is collecting a lot of personal information.
    1. What will
      you do to securely protect the data collected?
    2. In case
      such data are shared with outside agencies, will you commit to
      removing all identifying information?
  3. Everyone who makes decisions affecting our country should have access to the
    best information available. What will your party do with the Office
    of the Chief Science Advisor? Will you:
    1. abolish
    2. maintain
      it as is,
    3. strengthen
      it by making it responsible to parliament rather than government?
  4. Government partially or fully funds a lot of research, much of which is not
    available to the public that has funded it.
    1. Do you
      support making all publicly funded research accessible to the
    2. Are you
      prepared to introduce a law to this effect?