Liberal response

Response received October 20

1. An overview can be found here:…/progress-towards-canada…

We’ve reduced projected 2030 emissions by 25% so far, and we are 79 Mt short of our current 2030 target (our public transit and clean tech investments have not been modeled).

We have committed to exceed our existing 2030 target, and to net zero by 2050.

That will happen with policies we’ve proposed in this election (2 billion trees, home retrofits, EV charging infrastructure, government procurement), and with new policies recommended by experts. We have committed to turning the long-term net zero target into short term practical action through legally mandated 5 year carbon budgets.

We’ve also committed significant funding for climate adaptation and mitigation. Most recently, we announced $34 million to protect 10 km of Toronto’s waterfront, including here in our beach.

2. Our platform commits to a serious privacy overhaul, to strengthen user control over their personal information.
you do to securely protect the data collected?

3. Having created the Chief Science Advisor, we will continue to support the office. I don’t see any plans in the platform to strengthen it.

4. I support making publicly funded research more open and accessible, but don’t see anything in the platform to this effect. We have increased investments and support for basic science and research in a significant way these last four years.