NDP obtains StatsCan cuts data

The NDP obtained data of all cuts in Statistics Canada including 50 surveys and 191 publications.

View the list of Statistics Canada products that were cancelled.

“The new Minister must conduct a thorough review of what essential data we’ve lost and what surveys and publications should be reinstated,” said MP Stewart (Burnaby South). “The Conservatives’ war on science cost us critical information on the social and economic challenges facing Canada – which could greatly hinder the government’s ability to provide services for Canadians.”

In response to a written question submitted by MP Stewart, the government provided a list of all Statistic Canada surveys, tables, and publications that were discontinued from 2006 to 2015.

  • A total of 539 data products were terminated during this period:

    • 7 Programs
    • 50 Surveys
    • 291 Tables
    • 191 Publications
  • In most cases (63%) the government was unable to provide an explanation as to why the product was eliminated.
  • Only in a fraction of cases (18%) did the government indicate that the data was still being collected and reported elsewhere.
  • The cost-savings were known in less than a quarter of cases (23%).