International Timeline


May 2016


February/March 2017

  • After President Trump issued his first travel ban to citizens of 7 Muslim-dominated countries, scientists in Europe created the Science Solidarity List Science Solidarity List, offering assistance to stranded research scientists fro the US. This was updated in March with the issuance of the second travel ban for 6 countries. ME – 03/27/2017

November 2015


February 2017

  • French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron invites American scientists and researchers who suffer under the Trump administration’s war on science to come to France, once he is elected President. He promises them protection and innovation. ME – 03/27/2017

Great Britain

March 2015


March 2015


January 2016

  • Left-wing professors in India are removed from their positions by right-wing movement, the R.S.S..  The R.S.S. aims “to install its men at the helm of universities where they will wreak vengeance on the traditionally left-wing intellectual establishment that has always held them in contempt.”


March 2014

United States

 March 2017
  • Under the leadership of Scott Pruitt, the EPA has removed climate change as well as a description of international climate change from its website, and deleted science from its mandate. ME – 03/27/2017

February 2017

  • Multiple groups of American scientists copy and store government sites with crucial climate change information to save the data, anticipating that the Trump Administration will shut these sites down. ME 2017-02-16
  • The New York Times opinion piece encourages US scientists to learn from the experience of Canadian scientists in the Harper years. sk 2017-02-16
  • Scott Pruitt, Trump’s appointee to lead the EPA on February 17, 2017, rejects the scientific consensus on climate change. Pruitt has stated that he believes that “the climate is changing, and human activity contributes to that in some manner” but questions whether carbon dioxide “is a primary contributor to the global warming”. WL – 03/27/2017
  • Hundreds rallied for science at a demonstration in conjunction with the AAAS meeting in Boston. WL – 03/27/2017
  • American scientists are becoming politically active by preparing for the next election, running for office, participating in marches, writing op ed pieces and storing data. ME 2017-02-16

January 2017

  •  A US national park employee fights muzzling with humour. WL – 03/27/2017
  • The Trump administration has imposed a freeze on EPA grants and contracts.  WL – 03/27/2017

December 2016

  • The Trump transition team tried to collect names of employees of the Department of Energy who worked on climate change. The department refused to comply. sk 2017-02-16

December 2016

  • Scientific American warns American scientists to learn from the Canadian experience. ME 2017-02-16

February 2016

  • The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) argues that in the U.S. Department of Agriculture “politics determines what scientific work will see the light of day”. This follows a complaint by one of its top entomologists that USDA purged controversial findings, blocked publication of research papers with policy implications, and forbade scientists from being interviewed by reporters. A USDA panel rejected the charges. (ME 2016-05-18)

August 2015

  • In a win for citizen science, a Federal judge struck down Idaho’s law against secretly videotaping animal abuse on farms. WL – 06/15/2016.
  • federal judge strikes down Idaho’s law against secretly videotaping animal abuse on farms.  Agricultural gagging, ag-gag, legislation criminalizes undercover investigations that reveal abuse or violent actions against animals.  Idaho passed ag-gag legislation in 2014, but Judge Winmill considered the law unconstitutional.  JW – 08/07/2015

May 2015

  • Food & Water Watch release a report that documents that the NRC (and its parent organization, the National Academy of Sciences) is compromised by industry ties. WL – 06/15/2016.

March 2015

  • A report from the Union of Concerned Scientists in the United States reveals significant improvements to the communications policies of government agencies conducting scientific research. This follows years of work on by the UCS to catalogue instances of political interference in government science in the United States. CS – 03/27/2015


December 2014

  • The Union of Concerned Scientists in the U.S. proteststhe use of a spending bill to delay protections for sage grouse (which are considered threatened under the Endangered Species Act). UCS says the move signifies “blatant, unobscured interference in science-based policy” on the part of Congress. CS – 12/15/2014


November 2014


June 2014


January 2006

  • A top U.S. climate scientist says officials at NASA headquarters ordered staff to review his forthcoming lectures, papers and media interviews after he called for urgent cuts to greenhouse gas emissions. CS – 03/27/2015

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