Tribute to Margrit

We are sad to report that Margrit Eichler, who founded Our Right to Know, died on 8 July 2021 after a two-year battle with cancer. At the time of her death, she was the President of ORK.

Margrit is known for her pioneering work in Women’s Studies; her remarkable academic work is summarized in an obituary posted on University of Toronto Women and Gender Studies website:

Obituary from the Women and Gender Studies website

Obituary with family information

But Margrit was also a true leader in volunteer work where her openness, integrity, industry, efficiency, warmth, and wit inspired others and energized them to work for causes in which she believed. One such cause is the public’s right to know the findings of publicly funded research and the importance of basing government policy on scientific evidence. The federal government’s restrictions on access to research information and outright destruction of data led her to form Scientists for the Right to Know in 2013. Realizing that more than scientists were impacted, she renamed the organization Our Right to Know (ORK) in 2014.

She brought together over 30 organizations under the Right2Know Network to coordinate a response to government action prior to the 2015 election.

She tirelessly ferreted out instances of censorship, organized public events to advertise them, assembled the evidence into a timeline still kept current on the ORK website, formulated the issues into questions for all-candidates’ meetings, and wrote succinct letters to government officials. Although much remains to be done, the improvements over the last 8 years likely result, in part, from Margrit’s work.

We will miss her leadership at ORK.