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World Health Organization weakens Conflict of Interest safeguards

world health

world health

Will the WHO’s independence from industry be eroded now that it is inviting the private sector’s interaction for the first time?  The Canadian Centre for Health Science and Law is one of sixty public interest groups who have expressed concern that the WHO’s new rules for engaging  with non-State actors insufficiently protect global public health decision-making from the influence of commercial interests (view the media statement issued by the Centre’s Executive Director here: .) Matters involving conflict of interest and undue influence are identified as key risks of interaction between WHO and private sector entities (or, other entity types that may be subject to the influence of the private sector). Types of interaction of particular concern include financial and in-kind contributions. The question arises as to where Canada stands, as a member state, on the matter of whether the new framework has sufficiently strengthened WHO’s management of the potential risks associated with its stated goal of strengthening engagement with non-State entities.

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